Brand and marketing

Precise Brand Insight services analyse social media alongside news and other data
to help you understand what people are saying about brands, marketing activities
and issues. We employ a highly effective mix of technology and research skills to
identify and explain relevant and meaningful insights.

Previously unrevealed insights into opinions and behaviours

People increasingly use social media to voice their opinions.  These opinions are an invaluable source of insight because they are expressed freely and often spontaneously.

By continuously monitoring and analysing social media we can quickly and efficiently provide insight into opinions, attitudes and behaviours, right now and also over time.

To provide context or a broader perspective, we can integrate analysis of mainstream media and other datasets, enabling us to identify the influences on and the impacts of the opinions expressed within social media.

Our services can provide immediate answers to specific challenges or a continuous analysis of changing opinions.

Our services can be used independently or to complement or test other market research activities.


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Client Director, Brand Insight

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