About us

Precise is a business information group that monitors, analyses and draws insight from news, opinions and conversations to help clients understand the most important trends and influences that impact on their current and future business.

Our combination of technology and expertise ensures that our clients identify what matters within an increasingly complex and diverse media landscape.

Our work

We deliver a unique range of media monitoring and media analysis services and software applications to public relations, marketing and media professionals across organisations of every type, from global banks to multinational brands and SMEs, FTSE and NASDAQ-listed companies, media and technology groups, governments and regulators, marketing and communications groups, charities and NGOs.

Media monitoring

Our 24/7 operation constantly tracks media and market developments to ensure our clients are continually up to date. We are straightforward to work with, delivering our services through a highly experienced team that provides expert advice and guidance.

Media Platform+, our integrated media monitoring and analytics platform, provides accurate and immediate coverage across every channel. Users can target and track media contacts, monitor mainstream news and social media in a single timeline and analyse their profile and the impact of their communications activity.

Our research and insights are used regularly by the media and at leadership conferences on communications, social media and brand, and our work is recognised by leading communications and information bodies globally.

We employ over 400 people - researchers, analysts, editors, consultants, technical development and support teams - in the UK and the USA.

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MP+ Social


Gives you social content alongside mainstream news in a single timeline.

Industry recognition

Our Partners

Precise is recognised by industry and information bodies globally.